The Yuzu Sidecar
The Yuzu Sidecar

Yuzu Sidecar


A true Parisian classic gets an Asian makeover: Yuzu replaces triple sec to showcase Rémy Martin Club.

5 min medium Coupe


serves: 1

45 ml Rémy Martin Club
40 ml Choya yuzu liqueur
15 ml lemon juice
5 ml simple syrup

1½ oz Rémy Martin Club
1⅓ oz Choya yuzu liqueur
½ oz lemon juice
1/6 oz simple syrup

4.5 cl Rémy Martin Club
4 cl Choya yuzu liqueur
1.5 cl lemon juice
0.5 cl simple syrup

How to make a
Yuzu Sidecar

How to make a
Yuzu Sidecar

  1. Combine 45 ml (1½ oz) Rémy Martin Club, 40 ml (1⅓ oz) Choya yuzu liqueur, 15 ml (½ oz) lemon juice, and 5 ml (⅙ oz) simple syrup in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
  2. Shake and double strain into a coupe glass.

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