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With the utmost respect for our heritage, craftsmanship, and the ways of nature, we produce signature spirits of exceptional quality.

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The perfect harmony of powerful and elegant aromas.


An intense, multifaceted blend combining fruity, spicy and candied aromas.

1738 Accord Royal

Mellow and rich flavors that are smooth and well-balanced.


A unique Cognac Fine Champagne with notes of fresh tropical fruits.


The signature of our Cellar Master, who uses all his expertise to perfectly blend up to several hundreds eaux-de-vie.

VSOP Gift pack

Limited Edition

The iconic VSOP showcased in a spectacular limited edition Odyssey Coffret.

VSOP Gift pack with 1738 miniature

Limited Edition

The iconic Rémy Martin VSOP with a miniature bottle of Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal.

VSOP Gift pack with glasses

Limited Edition

The iconic Rémy Martin VSOP with two exclusive Rémy Martin VSOP cognac glasses.

Club Gift pack

Limited Edition

The 35th Anniversary limited edition of Rémy Martin Club.

1738 Accord Royal Gift pack

Limited Edition

Limited edition with partnered with a jigger, the perfect tool to create a Royal Sidecar cocktail.

XO Gold

Limited Edition

A dazzling XO decanter decorated with four colors at the centre.

XO Atelier Thiery

Limited Edition

Cognac & Gold finally meet as Rémy Martin XO invites Atelier Thiery to imagine a limited edition decanter

Club 35

Limited Edition

The 35th Anniversary limited edition of Rémy Martin Club.

XO Red

Limited Edition

For the holiday season, Rémy Martin XO is adorned with gold.




Supremely versatile, cognac is the perfect spirit for all occasions.


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