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Team up for excellence

Founded in 1724, Rémy Martin is built on family relationships and a blend of tradition and innovation. The uniqueness of our cognac is rooted in our history of inclusivity and generosity.

team up

our values

At Rémy Martin, we believe that every accomplishment is shaped through teamwork.

Rémy Martin vines

We work together as one to instill passion, excellence and savoir-faire, by assembling our ingredients, combining our skills, associating our qualities, connecting our emotions.

Behind Rémy Martin is the combination of many talents, from our maîtres de chai, our distillers, and our winemakers. We are part of an authentic family with a collective story.

we team up
for excellence

A combination of terroirs:

Cognac Fine Champagne

Fine Champagne Excellence is the result of the combination of Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne.

Rémy Martin vineyards

Founded in 1724 and proud of its winegrowing heritage, the House of Rémy Martin has drawn its identity from the very heart of the Cognac region.

It is the only major cognac house specialised in the creation of Cognac Fine Champagne.



From our Cellar Master, distillers and winemakers, to artisans and designers – we come together to create excellence.

“A beautiful melody … an assortment of warm … and spicy notes that dance in harmony.”

Usher x Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal:
A taste of passion
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Our collaborations
Team Up For Excellence

Rémy Martin team up with talents all around the world on the continuous quest for excellence.

Rémy Martin x Lee Broom


Lee Broom, London

Rémy Martin XO teamed up with award-winning furniture and lighting designer Lee Broom to reveal new facets of the XO decanter and Rémy Martin XO on ice.


Steaven Richard, France, XO Limited Edition

With a constant focus on craftsmanship and development, we joined forces with artist Steaven Richard to showcase XO in a limited edition bottle and box design.


Matt W. Moore, USA, VSOP Limited Edition

The American artist created a new graphical language for the Rémy Martin VSOP universe.

Bartender Talent Academy

The Bartender Talent Academy (BTA) is Rémy Martin’s international cocktail competition highlighting the talents of bartenders. Each year, a new competition challenges bartenders to be creative and develop new, exciting beverages. The competition begins with national selections, with a global final in France: Cognac & Paris.

The BTA brings the top international bartenders together, through an invigorating and exciting challenge. Competing bartenders are encouraged to combine their expertise and technique with creative storytelling to create a unique cocktail creation.

“It is being part of an authentic family. Because behind every individual success is a collective story.”

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