Bartender Talent Academy

Presented by Rémy Martin, the Bartender Talent Academy is a unique opportunity for bartenders and trade professionals to showcase their skills and passion for cocktails.

The Academy

The Bartender Talent Academy (BTA) is Rémy Martin’s international cocktail competition highlighting the talents of bartenders. Each year, a new competition challenges bartenders to be creative and develop new, exciting beverages. The competition begins with national selections, with a global final in France: Cognac & Paris.

The BTA brings the top international bartenders together, through an invigorating and exciting challenge. Competing bartenders are encouraged to combine their expertise and technique with creative storytelling to create a unique cocktail creation.

2024 Marks 300 Years of Rémy Martin

The Anniversary Contest

To celebrate this historical birthday, Rémy Martin is celebrating with an extra special Bartender Talent Academy Contest. Bartenders from around the world were asked to host a birthday celebration for Rémy Martin – planning everything from custom cocktails, to where to host the best event. Finalists will come together in a global final in France – both Cognac & Paris.

Bartender Talent Academy: 9th Edition
Finalist Selection Criteria

This is where the show begins. Bartenders will be evaluated on their ability to tell a story through their cocktail, while also cross promoting the history and values of Rémy Martin. The best creations are connected to the bartender’s talents and interests.

Bartenders are evaluated on their technical skills and the presentation of their cocktail. From the one-up to the serving, the bartender’s authenticity, style, precision and technique will make it all.

Each cocktail will be evaluated on its aromatic balance, presentation and overall appeal, but also the intensity of the Rémy Martin cognac in the recipe.

The Jury

Each finalist will be evaluated by a jury of industry professionals during the Global Final in France. The jury for the BTA 9th Edition Contest, celebrating 300 years of Rémy Martin, will be announced soon.




Winner, Gold

Aedean Place

LUCA ZANI – United Kingdom

Winner, Silver

Dakota Leeds

OSVALDS RINKIS – Netherlands

Winner, Bronze

Bar The Tailor

DAVID LEBEER – Gent, Belgium

Winner, Gold

The Cobbler Bar


PAOLO SCIALPI – London, United Kingdom

Winner, Silver

Connaught Bar


ELIAS FAYAD – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Winner, Bronze

Rosalia’s Menagerie Bar

TERRY SOWAH – Accra, Ghana

Winner, Gold

Front Back Bar


DEVIN KENNEDY – New York, NY, United States

Winner, Silver

Pouring Ribbons Bar



Winner, Bronze

Pesa Pubblica Bar


JOSEPHINE SONDLO – Stockholm, Sweden
Winner, Gold

Bio Rio


KASPER RIEWE – Copenhagen, Denmark

Winner, Silver

Duck & Cover bar


DEMIE KIM – Seoul, South Korea

Winner, Bronze

Alice Cheongdam bar


Winner, Gold

Just bar


HIMANSHU DESAI – Mumbai, India

Winner, Silver

Kode bar


ALEX FAHRENHEIM – Johannesburg, South Africa

Winner, Bronze

Sin & Tax bar

DANILO BOSOVIC – Miami, FL, United States

Winner, Gold

Swizzle bar


VIKTOR MARYCZ – Warsaw, Poland

Winner, Silver

Bez Tytulu bar


JAKE DOLGY – Toronto, Canada

Winner, Bronze

Goldie bar

YOUNJUNG OH – Seoul, South Korea

Winner, Gold

Aloft Soeul Myeongdong bar



Winner, Silver

Front Back bar


DIMITAR VASILEV – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Winner, Bronze

Mama Kelly bar

JULIAN SHORT – Johannesburg, South Africa

Winner, Gold

Sin & Tax bar

Join an Elite Group of Bartenders

To stay up-to-date on the latest BTA contest news and future national and global events, follow the BTA on Instagram or sign up for the Rémy Martin newsletter. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and opportunities to showcase your bartending skills!

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