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A sense of common purpose and shared passion unite the people that make up the house of Rémy Martin. Discover them here.



From our maîtres de chai, our distillers and winemakers, to artisans and designers – we all come together to create excellence.

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Lunar New Year 2023
Food Pairing
Usher x 1738 A.I. powered
A taste of passion
Art, Design, Music
Lee Broom, UK
Reveal new facets of the xo decanter
Christophe Galfard, France
feet in the ground, aiming at the stars
Michelin Guide, France
international partnership to promote the taste of excellence
Environment, Food
Atelier Thiery, France
Cognac & Gold finally meet – a limited edition decanter
Art, Design
Charles Kaisin, Belgium
Artwork to accompany the XO Atelier Thiery Limited Edition
Art, Design
Jean-François Piège, France
XO around the world
Steaven Richard, France
Rémy Martin XO limited edition
Matt W. Moore, USA
Rémy Martin VSOP limited Edition
Art, Design
Claude Bosi, UK
La Maison Rémy Martin Residency

Who we are

Team up for Excellence

At Rémy Martin, we believe that every accomplishment is shaped through teamwork.

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Since 1724, Rémy Martin has turned the finest grapes into harmonious, complex and opulent cognacs.

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