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Chef Patricia Roig

Discover this exotic recipe from Chef Patricia Roig of Boca, a MICHELIN Green Star restaurant in Dubai. She integrates the Tocino de Cielo, similar with pudding, a traditional Spanish dessert with roasted pineapple labneh, and pineapple skin gel – a blend of tradition, tropical twist and sustainability where even the pineapple peels are transformed into a delightful creation.


About Chef Patricia Roig

Meet Patricia Roig, Executive Chef of BOCA, who hails from Seville, Spain, and has more than two decades of experience working in kitchens around the world.

She has joined BOCA from Blue Marlin Ibiza Sky Lounge and the Palocortado Restaurant group in Gran Canaria, Spain, and has previously worked in esteemed restaurants in London, in Peru and Spain where she won two Michelin stars.

Patricia’s philosophy revolves around love and respect for the ingredients, and she firmly believes in handling them with care to highlight their flavors. Her dishes are bold and intense, executed with precision and clarity.

Chef Patricia draws inspiration from the numerous professional cooks she has worked with throughout her career, as well as the head chefs of the organizations she has been a part of. At BOCA, she aims to bring back Mediterranean Andalusian flavors of Spain into the menu, while also incorporating modern techniques and influences from her previous experiences.

As a conservationist herself, Patricia will continue BOCA’s long standing history of sourcing local ingredients, using lesser-known produce, and adopting a fresh perspective on kitchen waste. The restaurant’s sustainability journey will thrive under her leadership.

BOCA is a Dubai MICHELIN Guide restaurant, a MICHELIN Green Star recipient, and Gault&Millau 2023 UAE “Sustainable Kitchen of the Year”.

Your impression of Rémy Martin XO? ​

For me, Rémy Martin XO is a superb cognac that showcases its quality and flavors in an elegant and well-balanced manner. The finish on the palette is long and lingering, allowing the flavors of the cognac to fully develop and uplift the flavors of the dish it is paired with.


Why did you use this product, and not another one from our range (such as Tercet)?

I chose to use Rémy Martin XO because of its subtle aromas, which would complement both the cognac and my dish in a unique and flavorful way. Rémy Martin XO is aged in French oak casks, which gives it a complex and nuanced flavor profile with notes of dried fruit, nuts, spices, and vanilla. These flavors work beautifully with the other ingredients in my dish, enhancing the overall flavor and creating a truly memorable dining experience.


How does your recipe and its ingredients match with Rémy Martin Tercet? What flavours are revealed?​

Tocino de Cielo with pineapple skin and yogurt is a refreshing dish with smooth and creamy flavors. Rémy Martin XO complements these flavors perfectly by uplifting the acidity of the pineapple skin and adding a slightly more bodied feel with its warm notes of spices. This combination takes the dish to a new level of experience, creating a rich and complex flavor profile that is both delicious and satisfying.

«I chose to use Rémy Martin XO because of its subtle aromas, which would complement both the cognac and my dish in a unique and flavorful way.»

Michelin Guide collaboration

For the Tocino de Cielo:

250gr sugar

100gr water

1unit cinnamon stick

70gr egg yolk


For the roasted pineapple labneh:

300gr pineapple

40gr butter

30gr sugar

60gr labneh

For the pineapple skin gel:

1.5l water

0.5unit cinnamon stick

Pineapple skin

180gr sugar



Step 1:
For the Tocino de Cielo:
Use 50gr of sugar to make a dry caramel and set on the bottom of a mould.

Step 2:
In a pan make a syrup with the water, sugar and cinnamon stick until reaches 109C.

Step 3:
In a bowl beat the egg yolks and pour very slowly the syrup until well combined.
Add to the caramel mould, cover with tin foil, and cook in Bain Marie for 35minutes.
Use once is set and cold.

Step 4:
For the roasted pineapple labneh:
Pell the pineapple and reserve the skin.
Dice it and sauté in a pan with the butter until golden colour, add the sugar and caramelize.
Pass through the mouli and with a whisk mix with the labneh, wich is a mix between soft cheese and yogurt with nice acidic flavour.

Step 5:
For the pineapple skin gel:
Use the pinneaple skin from the previous recipe, cut in small pieces and boil until is softer and water is reduced to half. Blend the skin with the remaining water. Pass through a chinois and putback to slow boil with the sugar and the cinnamon covered about 40 minutes, stirring time to time to avoid sticking in the bottom.
Remove the cinnamon and blend again and pass through a sieve and chill.

Step 6:
On the plate make a ring with the labneh, put the tocino de Cielo on the side and some irregular dots of the pineapple gel spread on one side of the plate.
To finisih would be great to serve with some pineapple sorbet.

Serve with Rémy Martin XO.

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Pairing cognac with food

Food pairing by chef Takuto Murota

Today’s recipe ventures beyond the ordinary : a Chocolate Mille Crêpe and soy sauce-infused caramel sauce. Paired with Rémy Martin XO, the sweet and savory elements create a harmony of flavors that lingers on the palate. A union so special, it calls for a celebration.

Rémy Martin XO


Rémy Martin XO

The signature of our Cellar Master who with his expertise blends hundreds of eaux-de-vie.

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