The stars align for Chinese New Year 2024. Born 300 years ago under the sign of the Dragon, Rémy Martin honors the Dragon’s return with a special Chinese New Year limited edition collection to commemorate three centuries of excellence and savoir faire.

For this 300 year anniversary, the House celebrates the reunion of the Centaur and the Dragon with Rémy Martin XO, Rémy Martin VSOP, Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal and Rémy Martin CLUB. Inspired by the auspicious new year festivities, the collection will be released in red and gold limited edition packaging, perfect for holiday gifting.

300Y Anniversary & Chinese New Year Experience

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Through an interactive experience, we invite you to discover Rémy Martin history and find your 300th Anniversary & Chinese New Year cocktail recipes.


When Rémy Martin fulfilled his dream of creating a cognac House, it was the year of the Dragon. In 2024, the House that chose the Centaur as its emblem meets the Dragon again. Distinct, yet complementary, the Dragon and Centaur have a shared strength and passion for excellence.

The Dragon represents prestige. As the House symbol since 1870, the Centaur guides Rémy Martin forward, embodying authenticity and audacity. With his feet on the ground, head in the stars, the Centaur is the golden thread through the history of Rémy Martin. Together the Dragon and Centaur unleash an abundance of auspicious vitality and hope for the year ahead.

Rémy Martin XO Lunar New Year cocktails
Rémy Martin XO Cocktails

The Rémy Martin Whole Fashioned

A whole new take on a classic. Dial up any New Year occasion while you savour the rich, harmonious taste of Rémy Martin XO. The sweetness of the sugar and spicy bitters brings full-bodied intensity to XO’s myriad flavours.

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The Imperial Old Fashioned

Ideal for New Year festivities, this classic cocktail is stirred to perfection and always a talking point. Intense, full-bodied but surprisingly smooth, it expresses the full richness of the Rémy Martin XO blend.

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