Recipes | July 29, 2020

Flavor by the Grill: Chef Kwame Onwuachi and Rémy Martin

This season Chef Kwame Onwuachi has teamed up with Rémy Martin to create regional classics on the grill. 

Together we celebrate how the toast of a flame greatly enhances the memories we create, the dishes we make, and the notes found in Rémy Martin.

Flavor by the Grill is new, yet comforting. It’s an invitation to revisit a place you know, or explore the ones you don’t. It’s heartfelt flavors that warm a local’s heart. This series beckons you to a meal with a glass of Rémy Martin by the grill and with those you love.


Lobster with Sauteed Clams and Royal Collins

In this episode, Chef Kwame’s stories and flavors take us to Cranberry Island, Maine. Here he shows us how to pair grilled seafood flavors with a refreshing Rémy Martin cocktail.

Full recipe


Creole Cognac BBQ Glazed Ribs with Collard Slaw and Rémy Martin VSOP

Chef Kwame brings the flavors of the Southern grill and Rémy Martin VSOP to this dish, while sharing stories of his family’s influence on his career and life. All the elements come together to create a delicious and new classic meal.

Full recipe


Charred Elote with Grilled Tuna, Cioppino Sauce and Rémy Ginger

In this episode, Chef Kwame takes us on a road trip along the West coast. Influenced by an actual trip he took with his best friend, this recipe combines Mexican heritage with the coast’s native seafood.

Full recipe


Smoked Hotdog with 3 Bean Chilli, Avocado Mustard and Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal

Full of taste and twists, this episode shows how Chef Kwame makes a Midwestern classic pair perfectly with Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal. Inspired by his mother, Chef Kwame makes a grilled dish that’s filled with warm memories and a range of flavors.

Full recipe
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