Tercet is the result of unique expertise, initiated by Baptiste Loiseau, the current Rémy Martin Cellar Master. When he first joined the Maison in 2007, while working alongside his predecessor Pierrette Trichet, he identified certain eaux-de-vie. Expressive fruit aromas with a halo of exotic and elegant notes, which varied slightly in tonality from what normally characterised Rémy Martin cognacs. Convinced that these eaux-de-vie could be used to develop a different kind of cognac, he put them aside and watched over them in secret before imagining them at the center of an exceptional blend.

Rémy Martin Tercet Cognac

It’s a simple story of friendship and intuition. A quest for excellence where the characters of the traditional Rémy Martin terroirs take on a different aspect.

The Wine Master

Francis Nadeau is the first link in the chain: he recommends that the grapes are pressed extremely gently and carefully in order to extract the most delicate juices.

“Distillation is the concentration of the aromatic fractions of wine, it is therefore essential to have a good wine to start with. There’s no good eaux-de-vie without good grapes!” he explains.

Tercet Cognac The Wine Master
Tercet Cognac The Master Distiller

The Master Distiller

Jean-Marie Bernard, a master distiller, holds virtuosity in his distillation process. His understanding of the structure of his products were developed over the span of more than forty years.

“It is an honor, a responsibility, and trust that have been given to us. Baptiste Loiseau listened, he heard and transformed what we told him, and taught us in return. This is the Rémy Martin spirit, this permanent sharing where we give back what we have learned from others” he explains.

The Cellar Master

The skill of Baptiste Loiseau, the Rémy Martin Cellar Master and the orchestrator of the project, completes the creation. Responsible for the selection of eaux-de-vie for their age and blend, he assesses and shapes the structure of all his creations. Demonstrating the Maison’s culture of excellence, Baptiste Loiseau sees the entire process through to the end to preserve the finesse of these eaux-de-vie.

Tercet Cognac The Cellar Master

This new cognac, emancipated from the classic Rémy Martin style, is the result of the research and work carried out by these three men who are passionate about their professions, and are now united by true friendship.

Tercet Cognac – A unique spirit inspired by three masters

Tercet – enjoy a truly unique spirit

Reflecting the style of the Maison, Tercet lights up a new path. From the outset, these eaux-de-vie demonstrated a different tonality. The question was: would this cognac find its place in the long-standing Rémy Martin tradition and style? Baptiste Loiseau was always convinced that it would.

“This finesse, this elegance, reflects precisely the standards of the Maison – It’s a Cognac Fine Champagne Rémy Martin, with a fresher aspect”.

Rémy Martin Tercet
Cognac Fine Champagne

Rémy Martin Tercet Cognac Fine Champagne is a unique blend of eaux-de-vie – expressive fruit aromas with a halo of exotic and elegant notes. Reflecting the style of the Maison, Tercet lights up a new path for cognac.
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