The French Mojito
The French Mojito
Fresh, Sweet, Sour, Sparkling||

The Rémy Mojito Recipe

A French twist on a popular recipe, The Rémy Mojito brings together the generous notes of plum and fig coupled with the freshness of mint and lime, for a harmonious libation.

5 MIN medium Highball/Collins


serves: 1

1.5 oz Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal
1 oz fresh lime juice
0.5 oz Simple syrup
1 oz Sparkling water
Handful of mint
Garnish: Mint sprig

45 ml Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal
30 ml fresh lime juice
15 ml Simple syrup
30 ml Sparkling water
Handful of mint
Garnish: Mint sprig

4.5 cl Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal
3 cl fresh lime juice
1.5 cl Simple syrup
3 cl sparkling water
Handful of mint
Garnish: Mint sprig



  1. Glassware: Collins glass. 10–12 oz ideal
  2. Tools: Shaker tins, jigger
  3. Add all ingredients except sparkling water to shaker tin, shake with a small handful of pebbled ice (this doesn’t break the mint leaves as much which can look a bit messy if so. This is just adding dilution, expressing the mint oils, and aerating the ingredients).
  4. Dump ingredients into collins glass over ice, top with sparkling water and garnish with a bountiful mint sprig.

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