Events | October 28, 2021

Rémy Martin opens a new retail chapter in Hainan

“The Rémy Martin boutique is the essence of French excellence.”

Rémy Martin is opening its first stand‐alone boutique in Hainan, China: a voyage into a land and its people, into nature and craftsmanship, into all the aromas and flavors of its world‐famous cognacs Fine Champagne.
The boutique’s design concept was created by Rémy Martin’s French team, presenting the brand’s craftsmanship and heritage in every corner, while embedding its commitment of sustainability to the terroir.

A sensorial and contemporary retail experience, it invites clients to immerse themselves in the story of the “appellation d’origine contrôlée” (AOC) Cognac Fine Champagne and an exceptional terroir with a long, rich heritage. Rémy Martin naturally turned to China for its new flagship store where it has been exporting cognacs since the 1880s. China is a second home for the House and today, opening its doors on the vibrant and dynamic island of Hainan.

The Rémy Martin boutique is the essence of French excellence. Set on a lively street in the Mission Hills area of Northern Hainan, its retail identity captures the atmosphere of the House and marks the beginning of a new chapter of immersive client experiences.
“Our new boutique concept is designed to immerse visitors in our origins, our terroir of Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne. It offers them an interactive and, above all, emotional way to discover all the facets of Rémy Martin.” Philippe FARNIER, CEO, House of Rémy Martin.
“For this new retail identity, I wanted to create a modern architectural showcase for the brand while recalling the warmth and generosity you experience when you arrive at the House in Cognac.” Matthieu Redois, Retail design director, House of Rémy Martin.

“Our new boutique concept is designed to immerse visitors in our origins, our terroir of Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne.”

The Rémy Martin boutique is designed with a sense of harmony that characterizes the House. The architectural elements, patterns and plays on light echo the atmosphere that reigns on the Cognac estates. The walls recall the chalky white soils of the Cognac vineyards. The light oak fittings are a reminder of the barrels deep in the cellars. Rémy Martin also had the chance to collaborate with French artist and designer Marianne Guely to evoke the aging and blending process, the richness of the eaux‐ de‐vie. Her poetic paper drapes adorn the wall‐bays, bringing color and visual vibration to the space. The lavish displays and discovery tables mirror the generosity of the brand, and provide the perfect place to experience the products: the opulent radiance of a Rémy Martin XO, the power and intensity of a Rémy Martin CLUB or the elegant vibrancy of a Rémy Martin VSOP.

This first boutique is an invitation to discover the Rémy Martin universe, with stops for tastings and gifting along the way. Customers will be able to dive into the know-how behind Rémy Martin cognacs via an interactive screen, explore their organoleptic profiles and all the different ways to enjoy them. They will learn how to savor a Rémy Martin on ice, in a long drink or in a signature cocktail thanks to dedicated food pairings and aroma discovery. At the moment of purchase, customers will have the option of adding a personal message to gift friends and loved ones.

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