“Don't define yourself by one thing you do, but by everything you do”

At Rémy Martin, we believe that we all live many lives. Just like the perfect cognac is a blend of different eaux-de-vie, a fulfilled life is one of multiple paths, criss-crossing like the arms of a tree— the realization of all your talents and creative desires, whatever they may be.

/ Musician

King Kaka is best known as an award-winning Kenyan Hip Hop artist. He began his career in 2005 and has since released and collaborated on 700 songs. His unique blend of American hip-hop culture paired with African folk sound makes him one of the most sought after performers on the continent.

/ Poet

King Kaka channels his creativity through poetry. An accomplished spoken word poet he addresses social issues through his writing, interspersing rhyme with modern day life lessons. His 2012 standout piece ‘Swahili Shakespeare’ garnered him much respect and adoration.

/ Humanitarian

As a philanthropist, his belief is that success and social responsibility go hand-in-hand. He is the founder of several initiatives that touch on topical issues such as gender violence through the Dreams Campaign and youth marginalisation under the ‘Tubonge’ (let’s talk) programme. Most recently his countrywide Sanitary Bank Initiative for young women earned him a speaking opportunity at the 2018 Goalkeepers Conference in New York. He has also been appointed an Ambassador by the UNDOC.

King Kaka
Musician / Poet / Humanitarian
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At Rémy Martin, we believe that true fulfillment consists of experiences, not financial wealth. To achieve means to not limit yourself but to fully realize all your lives, whatever they may be.

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