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Driven by our strong connection to nature and heritage, we have committed ourselves to protecting the environment in everything we do.

in 2003, Rémy Martin signed the United Nations Global Compact Charter and committed to "align its operations and strategies with 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption."

house of Rémy Martin

In 2007, the Rémy Martin Estates were granted the "Integrated Agriculture" certificate, and we are now encouraging all of our partners in the Alliance Fine Champagne to apply eco-friendly winemaking practices.

In 2012, the Rémy Martin Domaines were among the first in France to obtain an AHVE (High Environmental Value Agriculture) certificate. Additionally, our Domaines are members of the Ecophyto network, a national initiative which aims to gradually reduce the use of pesticides and decrease land pollution.

To adopt cultivation methods that respect the environment, none of the pesticides we use are harmful to surrounding plants and wildlife. Every year, our use of pesticides is regularly lower the approved doses and we are committed to cease using herbicides completely throughout our vineyards.

Remy Martin's Domaines

The forest plays a key role in the aging process of our Fine Champagne cognacs. Our barrels are made of oak, carefully selected from one of France's oldest and best known forests, la Forêt du Limousin. In tribute to this gift from nature and to help ensure a greener future for us all, we have launched The Rémy Martin Reforestation Initiative, contributing to a reforestation project with the Heart of Our Earth program in partnership with the French Office National des Forêts.

Remy Martin respects environment

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