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Rémy Martin Coupe 300th Anniversary Limited Edition
Rémy Martin Coupe 300th Anniversary Limited Edition


For 300 years, the House of Rémy Martin has been crafting exceptional cognacs, passing on its legacy from Cellar Master to Cellar Master. For three centuries, each one has been dreaming forward, saving a precious quantity of their highest quality eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne for their successor. To celebrate the 300 th anniversary of Rémy Martin, Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau has created a historic and very limited release that will never be reproduced again: the 300th Anniversary Coupe, an exclusive blend of exceptional eaux-de-vie, meticulously selected by our Cellar Master, a radiant symbol of 300 years of transmission and the vision of the House for the next 300 years.

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Rémy Martin Coupe 300th Anniversary Limited Edition with packaging
Rémy Martin Coupe 300th Anniversary Limited Edition in cellar

The 300th Anniversary Coupe celebrates 3 centuries of history. It is made from a reserve of eaux-de-vie enriched over the years by generations of Cellar Masters: a creative process known as the “Réserve Perpétuelle” (or “Perpetual Reserve”). Thanks to the preservation and enrichment of these precious eaux-de-vie, the reserve never runs dry.

For the 300th Anniversary Coupe, Baptiste Loiseau has drawn on the previous Coupe of the 290th, itself nourished by the eaux-de-vie from the 275th Coupe. This hallowed tradition symbolizes the expertise inherited by each Cellar Master from the previous generation and passed forward to the next.

Rémy Martin Coupe 300th Anniversary – a unique blend


To create the 300th Anniversary Coupe, virtuoso Baptiste Loiseau, chose to extract a small quantity of eaux-de-vie from the Réserve Perpétuelle, a testimony to centuries of transmission stored in the cellars of the House. To create his own interpretation, he enriched this collective work with new, complementary eaux-de-vie: a selection of harmonious, elegant eaux-de-vie sourced exclusively in Grande Champagne. This prestigious terroir, located in the very heart of the Cognac region, is known for the exceptional aromatic quality of its eaux-de-vie and their ageing potential. With outstanding dexterity, Baptiste Loiseau has revealed his own talent and the talent of all the Cellar Masters before him in a rare and one-off expression of the terroir of Grande Champagne.

Rémy Martin Coupe 300th Anniversary – an iconic carafe


Inspired by the iconic shape of the 250th Anniversary Coupe created in 1974, the carafe for the 300th Anniversary Coupe focuses on the essential: the liquid memory inside. Engraved lines symbolizing the Centaur’s javelin bring a subtle touch of pure sophistication and contemporary style. Sealed with a muzzle featuring a hallmark that showcases the iconic Rémy Martin Centaur, the 300th Anniversary Coupe is presented in a high-end bespoke wooden case containing a certificate: a special note from the Cellar Master and a unique QR code to access exclusive digital content. Unique and individually numbered, each of the 6,724 precious bottles of the 300th Anniversary Coupe is a tribute to the heritage of the House and an invitation to dream forward.

“The exceptional legacy of the House of Rémy Martin is engraved in the memory of every individual who has ever gifted, enjoyed or contributed to our exceptional cognacs, but its future is still to be written. Today, as we celebrate our 300th anniversary, we are inviting everyone, at every corner of the world to join us as we dream forward to the next 300 years.”

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