Rémy Martin has teamed up with Matt W. Moore to rethink the way we see the world. Going beyond mere packaging, the American artist has created a new graphical language for the Rémy Martin VSOP universe. Inspired by the Cognac environment, Moore introduces a realm of discovery, blending natural elements like grapes and leaves and even revisiting Rémy Martin’s cherished centaur logo, prominently outstretched in geometric splendor.

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"A new visual chapter in a centuries-old story"

Matt W. Moore

Nicknamed “MWM” for short, Matt W. Moore is a man of many tastes and talents. More than an artist, he is also a graphic designer and a basketball enthusiast. He became world-famous for a digital-abstract style he calls Vectorfunk. Through this unique form of kinetic art, Moore creates an expressive visual language that explores colourful geometric patterns and semiotics.

Rémy Martin x Matt W. Moore

The Rémy Martin VSOP Limited Edition bottle together with a gift box is available at major retail and duty free points worldwide.
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