Steaven richard, France

With a constant focus on craftsmanship and creativity, we join forces with artist Steaven Richard to celebrate XO in a limited edition bottle and box design.

Steaven Richard is a metalwork craftsman

He opened his Paris-based Atelier in 2001, when he and his team decided to focus on experimenting and innovating. He has been honing his professional skills for over ten years and has always used his pioneering approach to enrich the trade’s heritage of traditional techniques. He created a now patented innovative metalwork technique: artistic lamination.

Using specific techniques, Steaven transforms materials, giving them a whole new dimension: he draws inspiration from the organic world with wood or vegetal effects, and decorates brass and iron with textile motifs. His expertise in chemical processes also allows him to create an infinite palette of textures, patterns and colours.

Rémy Martin XO

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Rémy Martin XO is the signature of our Cellar Master who with his expertise blends hundreds of eaux-de-vie.

The designs that Steaven Richard created for Rémy Martin in his atelier are a work of art. For XO, the artist invented a new way to infuse brass with a unique golden patina: a technique called anamorphosis. This showed our iconic Rémy Martin centaur in a new light, giving the XO decanter new reflections and a new texture. The result is a unique piece full of strength and mystery, at the crossroads between tradition and innovation.

More than just a partnership, this was the fusion of two worlds steeped in ancestral know-how, enhanced by the work of a team always searching for new ways to innovate.

“I took inspiration from Rémy Martin’s centuries-old connection with the soil and its love for nature … and something happened.”

“Something approaching a revelation. From the verticality of the vines that climb to the sky, this piece reaches out towards the stars.”

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