“Don't define yourself by one thing you do, but by everything you do”

At Rémy Martin, we believe that we all live many lives. Just like the perfect cognac is a blend of different eaux-de-vie, a fulfilled life is one of multiple paths, criss-crossing like the arms of a tree— the realization of all your talents and creative desires, whatever they may be.

Meet our inspiring, multi-faceted talents
Adebayo Oke-Lawal
Fashion designer / Editor / Preceptor
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Kemi Adetiba
Radio presenter / Film director / Foodie
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/ Fashion designer

Adebayo is known for his fashion brand, Orange Culture, which he started in 2011 from his savings. The brand has achieved international recognition and has been featured in Vogue (US, UK, Italy), The New York Times, CNN, BET, MTV, ELLE and Marie Claire, also winning the Future Awards prize for fashion in 2016. He recently collaborated on a collection with Nigerian pop star, Davido, which featured at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017.

/ Editor

Adebayo also engages in creative writing and editorial work for publications including Vogue Italia, Nataal and WOW Magazine.

/ Preceptor

A product of Kings College Lagos, Adebayo is also a motivational speaker, speaking at youth conferences, schools and other initiatives including Lagos Social Media Week. “I am never afraid to try new things or break new ground, I will continue to take risks and push beyond the limit in everything I do”.

Adebayo Oke-Lawal
Fashion designer / Editor / Preceptor
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At Rémy Martin, we believe that true fulfillment consists of experiences, not financial wealth. To achieve means to not limit yourself but to fully realize all your lives, whatever they may be.

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