the Opulence Revealed experience allows guests to discover a deeper understanding and appreciation of the finer points of Rémy Martin XO cognac through an exploration of textures, flavours and aromas. Once savoured, one glass is never enough.

The tasting brings to life the intrinsic story of Rémy Martin and XO in an immersive experience through an opulent spread of flavours and delicacies. Guests are treated to a magnificent table revealing the many layers of the XO flavour profile. Decadent chocolate truffles, Parmesan cheese, dried apricots and figs, pistachio cake, walnuts, spices and fruits as well as an array of jasmine, iris and rose flowers. Guests are encouraged to sample and taste these aromas throughout the session.

This time, we were at The Legend hotel to give guests the Ultimate Rémy Martin XO Experience. In attendance were commercial pilots and engineers. Things kicked off with welcome cocktails to show the versatility of Rémy Martin cognac, and then moved on to the ultimate opulent experience.

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