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Welcome to the city that loves to celebrate eccentricity! London’s nightlife buzzes with a very British sense of irreverence. It’s not about sticking too strictly with tradition, or being part of the in-crowd. It’s about gentlemanly extravaganza–having fun while indulging in the finer things in life. And those include glamorous cocktails.
Rémy Martin VSOP’s exclusive “One Night in London” takes you to the spots manned by some of the world’s best mixologists. Discover a world of quirky elegance that springs to life at dawn, for London’s Lords of the Drinks always make a point of honor of adding some quirkiness to their utterly sophisticated cocktails. You’ll have a ball just watching them. Perfectly mannered they might be, but Boy, do they rock!
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The Art of Distillation
To unlock the very aromatic heart of Fine Champagne cognac, Rémy Martin's eaux-de-vie ("water of life") can only be created after a long and delicate distillation process.
Watch the video and discover how.
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At the occasion of the 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the iconic Rémy Martin 1738 and XO Excellence decanters have won gold medals in their category. 
The competition was held at the distinguished Hotel Nikko in San Francisco from March 20th through the 23rd. More than 1,400 spirits were judged in this year’s competition making it the largest in SFWC’s 14-year history. 
Spirit entries were evaluated by 39 of the finest palates from the industry. These judging panels were comprised of experts from noted restaurants and hotels, well-known spirits journalists from major national media, buyers for large purveyors, and consultants. 
Upon their first entry in the competition, Rémy Martin 1738 and Rémy Martin XO Excellence received exceptionally high ratings. Rémy Martin 1738 was awarded the Double Gold Medal and Rémy Martin XO Excellence the Gold Medal.
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Every year, cognac producers donate one-of-a-kind prestigious bottles of cognac to be auctioned to raise funds for charity organizations. The event is named "La Part des Anges" (Angel's Share) after the percentage of alcohol that evaporates during cognac's long aging process. The live auction will take place at the Abbaye of Bassac on September 18, 2014 and will benefit Children in Crisis. 
RÉMY MARTIN “290th ANNIVERSARY COUPE”, from the Cellar Masters’ Perpetual Reserve
Celebrating nearly 3 centuries of history, the “290th Anniversary Coupe” from the House of Rémy Martin is a true journey through time. 
The story of this coupe is unique: it is a perpetual reserve of eaux-de-vie which never runs out, sustained over the years by four generations of cellar masters.  Each one in turn carefully preserved Rémy Martin’s most exceptional eaux-de-vie in a secret location, passing them on to their successor. The “290th Anniversary Coupe” is exclusively Grande Champagne Cognac. 
In line with this tradition, the remarkably talented Pierrette Trichet has perfected the collection with her own selection of eaux-de-vie, before offering it to Baptiste Loiseau, the new cellar master, who will take up the duty to protect it and enrich it. 
To celebrate its 290th anniversary, the House of Rémy Martin chose to extract a small quantity of this perpetual reserve, testimony of this perennial transmission. 
Released in a single magnum decanter, this iconic bottle of the House of Rémy Martin appears in a lacquered wooden casket. 
Orders can be placed on from 1 September for on-line bidding
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THE RÉMY MARTIN COLLECTION ]]> Tue, 10 Mar 2015 08:30:09 -0400 (Rémy Martin website) Rémy Martin website The Art of Harvesting
Across Cognac, the harvest is the culmination a year-long dedication to growing the best possible grapes for Rémy Martin.
At Rémy Martin we harvest grapes only from the two most sought-after crus of Grande & Petite Champagne. It is called the Heart of Cognac: AOC Fine Champagne cognac.
Every year's harvest, we renew our commitment to Fine Champagne, its people, its natural bounty. 
Every year, we add a new chapter to the story of Rémy Martin.
The harvest is now over, and the fruits of our labor will be revealed many years from now.
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The Art of Selection

After weeks of distillation, the eaux-de-vie of our vignerons are finally ready to be tasted by our Cellar Master and his tasting committee. Only the finest will be selected to become part of the future cognacs of the House.

Watch the video and discover how.

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Welcome to the new <br />Rémy Martin USA <br />digital experience ]]> Mon, 09 Mar 2015 11:03:01 -0400 (Rémy Martin website) Rémy Martin website Rémy Martin Coupe Shanghai: the first release of the Collection Héritage

To pay homage to the original Coupe Shanghai crafted in 1903, the Cellar Master, Pierrette Trichet has created an exceptional new blend, Rémy Martin Coupe Shanghai Collection Héritage Extra.

The Rémy Martin Collection Héritage is made of limited edition 70cl decanters of fine champagne Cognac of the ‘Extra’ calibre which have been crafted from the finest eaux-de-vie in the House’s cellars.

Rémy Martin Coupe Shanghai is presented in an elegant carafe topped with a gold cap. This refined creation nestles in a sumptuous red gift box including a booklet telling the story behind this exceptional carafe.

The limited edition Rémy Martin Coupe Shanghai has been launched exclusively with DFS at Singapore Changi in December. It is now offered in selected outlets in travel retail across the world.

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